Helpful Hint

If you've had a long day and decide to order chinese food for delivery:

A) order from a good restaurant, not one that serves everything in sweet and spicy, sticky red sauce; and
B) when you discover that you've ordered foul chinese food that belongs in the bin, stop eating, you moron.

If only someone had told me this three hours ago. Pleh.


lulu said…
I had Chinese food last night. Gloppy, salty, but yummy. The only problem was, I had to get up in the middle of the night to drink 4 big glasses of water, and my face still looks all puffy today.

VaughnV said…
Four words:

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon!!!


Melinda June said…
Jeez. If ONLY Judy Fu's was a fifteen minute drive away. I'd be all over dumplings and sesame beef. And I bet there's something bitchin' at the Crest.

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