Random Thoughts

I am way too tired to think connected thoughts, so I'm going random instead.
  1. I want to age like the people in Scorsese's Bob Dylan documentary. Ok, maybe not Allen Ginsburg, but Joan Baez looks great.
  2. Speaking of Dylan, what's up with his hair? All that money, you'd think he could buy some conditioner.
  3. And he still has a Minneosta accent, doncha know. You'd expect him to sound cooler and not oh, say, like my dad. (I love you, Dad, but you're just not that cool, you know?)
  4. I am fearing the end of Six Feet Under. I can't watch Lost because I fly too much...the plane crash thing will freak me out.
  5. I was recruited for a different job today. I can't take it, but it got me thinking about possibilities.
  6. What's so great about Coldplay?
  7. When I go to New York I can have pickles.
  8. I have too much to do at work right now.
  9. Tom DeLay was indicted. Nice to know the justice system works.
  10. I see that they're going to start selling the Versa and the Yaris in the US. These cars are the tiny sorts of clown cars popular in Europe where gas is $8 a gallon. Hoping they succeed in the US...they're great, and these two are even kind of cute.
  11. OH! And I see that W is encouraging energy conservation. It's not bad enough that he's taking the bad plays from his dad's playbook...now he's taking them from Jimmy Carter, too? Interns beware...Laura won't be as pleasant as Hillary was because she's not going to run for president anytime soon.
  12. I shouldn't be so mean...unlike Dick Cheney, I believe conservation is not just a "personal virtue," but, in fact, can be the basis for a sound energy policy. (You must supplement with other measures, but it's a start.) Instead, I'm going to be pleased that they're coming around to my way of thinking.
  13. Just got home from work and it's 930. Nothing good to eat, so I ate crap instead. Hate that. Why do I never remember to have easy, tasty things available in the fridge?
  14. I have the tv on to BBC2 to keep me company, and I am currently watching a naked man with a firework spewing sparks stuck in his butt, and he's singing "There's No Business Like Show Business."
  15. Come on...could I actually make that up? Honestly, it's on TV.
  16. I've been here almost a year now. Can't believe it.
  17. Learn to calculate your weight in stones. (1 stone = 13.7 pounds or something like that.) You'll feel much thinner.
  18. It is only September. I absolutely refuse to turn on the heat until at least October. I'm wearing my coat and a fleece right now, but gosh darn it, the heat is o-f-f.
  19. I'm going to bed at 10pm. That is so not me.


lulu said…
See Coldplay live and you'll understand what the fuss is all about.
Actually, see them live in a small (1000 seat or less) venue. I'm not sure how they would be in a stadium.
Pam said…
10. I love the Yaris. I kind of want one.

14. Are you watching that awful Nathan Barley show again?

17. Kilos are fun too. You get to weigh, like, half as much.
One great thing about Coldplay can be found in "The 40 Year Old Virgin." Two straight guys are sparring verbally, and one says "you know how I know you're gay? You like COLDPLAY." It's my favorite thing to say now, even though I only mildly like Coldplay.
Melinda June said…
The thing about Coldplay for me is that any one song on its own, played once, is actually nice. But any amount of Coldplay just wears on the nerves because it all sounds the same and it's all the same tempo and it's all so, I don't know...eMOtional. It leaves you craving some Aerosmith or something, just to balance things out.

Oh, and Pam, NO! Not Nathan Barley! Can you believe there's ANOTHER show like this?!!! (Soon you'll be here with access to freaky EuroTV, too! You miss it,don't you?)

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