Oh Happy Day

On Friday, my belongings arrived from the states.

I didn't ship that much, but what came will make me feel like there's a bit of me in the house.

I shipped art by my friends Larry and Pam, as well as some items that friends and loved ones have given me that remind me of home.

I have pictures of my friends and family already here, but there are more in the boxes. You'll be spread around the house now.

I shipped some glassware and such because, while I don't really need my dishes, the glasses here suck and I have cool ones. There are a couple of things broken in that box, but I don't know which because I haven't had time to unpack it. I'm hopeful it's not too bad.

I shipped all of my cds, as well as some books I've been meaning to read. I can now fill my house with the sounds I like and can finish Hillary's (auto?)biography before the campaign.

There are winter clothes in time for winter.

There are summer clothes in time for the last days of summer.

I have a down coat.

And best of all, I have my down duvet, my down pillows, and a beautiful quilt that my grandmother (maybe even great grandmother?) made. That box I unpacked, and have made my bed with my own bedding.

So now when I have to kill a spider the size of a baby food jar, I can crawl into my bed and seek comfort with a good book. Though since it's the Ashes this weekend, I've been spending more time with test cricket viewed on my laptop. Some things are irreversibly changed.


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