The Parrot, Part Two

My worst fears are being realized.

The parrot next door is learning new songs. He now has the following repertoire, and it seems to be growing daily:

  • Col. Bogie's March (AKA the theme from The Bridge Over the River Kwai)
  • A cellphone ring
  • The laugh of someone, I assume his owner
  • A host of car alarm squeals
  • A sound like police scanner chatter
  • Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits
  • Quacks like the ducks across the road
  • Ice Cream Van songs (part of Fur Elise and part of some chipper German sounding ditty)

What will he learn next??? If the music I hear through the wall is any indicator, I'm in for nothing but heartache (or headache, as the case may be.) They seem to be fans of bad easy-listening music. Yesterday I heard "When We Get Behind Closed Doors", and "People."

God, help me.


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