I hate spiders

I hate spiders. I really hate spiders. They should warn you before you move to England that there are lots of spiders here, just in case.

There are spiders that live in my car. They build little webs on my mirrors every night. In the daytime I knock them off, hoping that eventually the demoralized spiders will move on to some Vauxhall or Peugeot parked next to me, but they keep rebuilding.

I had to take a broom to my house today, knocking down webs and eggsacks on every ground floor window.

There is a spider in the front that I've nicknamed Charlotte, as it regularly builds a web between my rose bushes and my hanging basket that is literally six feet in diameter. I periodically knock it down, though, as I am not kind-hearted like Wilbur.


lulu said…
I was in a nature book phase for a while and read that no matter where you go on the planet, you are never more than 3 feel from a spider. I'm not sure how that works at the North Pole, because I am pretty sure spiders aren't arctic, but maybe there is a special kind????

I don't mind them so much unless one is crawling on me. I am more icked out by earwigs.

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