Not much new

I still have a cough from back when I had my's just a voice boxy thing, but when I cough the top of my head hurts. I want this to stop.

It was lovely and sunny today. Had a nice evening stroll by the canal. Discovered that the One Stop is open again after the fire damage. This is very good.

It's hard to drink the requisite amount of water each day.

Looking forward to pickles and mexican food on my trip home, not to mention a pizza at Red's Savoy Inn. Yum.

Now that I'm coming home for a visit in two weeks, I'm really home sick. You'd think I was away at summer camp.

Watching a show about a woman with five personalities. It's weird how her face and mannerisms change with each character. Her mom addresses her by different names, because she can tell who each person is by the way Pamela looks. How odd.

My hair is too long.

In case your "media" isn't telling you, turns out the Bush team to address environmental policy has been doctoring scientific memos to downplay the connection between global warming and car emissions. The Chief of Staff for this office is a former lobbyist for the oil industry. I think I'd better email President Bush the "conflict of interest" definition, because that seems like a concept he's a little foggy on. Meanwhile, Greenland is melting.

Oh. And another story that's probably been obscured by GAY MARRIAGE. There's a 2002 memo to Downing Street from a UK intelligence agent who visited the US...turns out the US was doctoring intelligence to support their policy and war was going to happen regardless of the UK stance. (And they had planned their entry strategy but weren't really talking about the whole "what then" problem, but that's another issue.) Yes, our government hid the truth from us so they could do something that wasn't popular with most people in the country or the planet. Is hiding the truth technically lying, or is it merely intentionally misleading? I wish they'd show me this part in the bible, because I always feel guilty if I do things like this. Silly me and my skewed moral compass. But I hang out with GAY PEOPLE AND ATHEISTS, so what do you expect? (Read the memo's unbelievable.)

The multi-personality girl farts at people to express anger and disappointment. She even changes the sound of her wind to express specific kinds of anger. That's talent.

My car got new tires today. There is plastic packaging still attached to the tread, and they told me to just drive it off. This makes absolutely no sense to me, but I'm trying.


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