Do the chickens have large talons?

It's been incredibly hot here this weekend (like 90), and so I got up this morning to do some yard work, moved my furniture around in the living room, and then spent the heat of the day watching movies in the cross breeze from the front to the back of the house.

Did a Rushmore/Napoleon Dynamite double feature.

Rushmore is a brilliant film, which is really saying something from me what since that Wes Anderson's world view depresses me so. (I defy you to find redeeming value in The Royal Tenenbaums...go on...I DARE you.) I've had a school-girl crush on Bill Murray for years, but he's getting much better with age. (swoon)

Faithful readers of this blog will know how I feel about Napoleon. (Newbies with curiosity can refer to my December entries.) If you haven't seen it lately, it's worth another viewing.

With a little Napoleon and some ukulele strumming, even a hot sweaty day in England when I'm anxious to get on a plane for home turns into the best day EVER. Though it did make me crave tater tots. Oh well. A week from now I can have as many as I wish.


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