The clock is ticking!

I am getting very excited for my trip home. Not only do I have fun and frolic planned with my Minneapolis friends, but I have guests traveling from out of town to visit me! Most exciting.

I have many things to do before I leave on Saturday. (Actually Friday, as I have to stay at an airport hotel if I want to make my flight since I leave at sunrise.) I am in a cleaning frenzy. Okay, that's actually quite an over-statement. I am working my way through a longer than usual list of housekeeping tasks because my home must be in relative order when I leave. I have a guest arriving on Sunday who will be staying with me for the month (or at least a few days of each week for a month,) and I don't want him to flee in shock and horror at my untidiness. I have managed to move the living room furniture and dust and vacuum this weekend, and have done laundry last night and tonight. I still need to give the kitchen a what for and move the crap that's accumulated in the dining room. Oh. And there's a dead plant that should really hit the trash. And the bathroom needs cleaning. And I have to write a "good to know" list since I won't be here for orientation. (Just ask my guests about the toilet and the shower....they'll tell you how important this is to your physical and emotional well-being.)

My lodger is a fellow BI colleague from the US. He is French, and he will be working here for the month of July. He needed an inexpensive place to live for three nights a week, and then he travels back to France for the weekends, where his daughter will be spending a month with her grandparents. I don't know him at all, but he's been warned that I'm not your average BI-group-thinky type, and he still wants to stay. Go figure.

I am eating silly meals because there is very little in the fridge and I don't want to do a big shop this week. Tonight I concocted something akin to chili-fritos (a Luther caf favourite unless you are Sue Neill,) except no fritos. Just soy protein crumbles, salsa, onion, and seasoning on a bed of lettuce. Yum yum. (Actually, it wasn't horrible.) I even have leftovers for lunch! Planning to do a little shop Thursday on the way home so Fred has something to eat when he gets here.

Have two pairs of shoes in mind for the journey home, and will get them at lunch tomorrow. Need to make arrangements to deal with moving stuff while I'm home, which will be more complex than I'd like, though BI is offering lots of assistance.

And since our fiscal year ends on 30 June, I have to have all my files and paperwork completed before I fly. Thank goodness it's a slow week at work!

See you all soon.


Tiger said…
Arrgh -

Can't belive I'm going to miss you. Arriving UK tomorrow & was hoping to persuade you to help me with my naescent blogging efforts :-)

See - which, because it's a biz blog, can't be quite as fun & irreverant as yours - but needs more punch. (And where better to get it?)

Have a great trip back & enjoy the tater-tots. I'm off to the chippy in Olney tomorrow night for dinner - extra salt & vinegar + a pint of Spitfire, please!

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