Winter in England

It's winter today.

Technically it's been winter for months, but for me it's seemed like a really long fall. It's rainy, in the 50's most days, and cloudy/sunny depending upon the hour. Grass is green, and I mentioned the other day that spring arrived with crocuses and daffodils.

Then last night is snowed. It only snowed a couple of inches and it's all gone now that it's evening, but we actually had a bit of an icy commute. It's supposed to snow again tonight with more accumulation, so I expect the same tomorrow.

It's pretty funny, really. My colleagues are giddy with anticipation of snow. If someone looks out the window and they see a flake or two, they yell, "SNOW!" and everyone runs to the window. They cancel their plans for the evening in case it gets icy, and they are all atwitter with joy at the prospect of a white blanket covering all this green. I laugh at them and sound like an old coot with my, "Well, where I come from, we once got three feet of snow on Halloween." And my plaid wool coat is practically a linen jacket compared to the thick down and the wooly hats and mittens my colleagues wear for the 32 - 38F temps we're having. Silly brits...they live in houses that have open keyholes in the garden door, and whose letter slots flap in the gales, with gusts, not just drafts, flying'd think they'd be used to cold.

Now the big worry is that your boiler will go out. It makes the news every broadcast...some poor boiler guy who hasn't had sleep in three days because the family of 5 in Kent needs hot water. Bless him.


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