Home Again

I am safely home in Milton Keynes. Had a great flight, and even slept the whole way, so feel pretty close to back on time zone. I had a horrible time at the holidays, which I attribute to age and a bad cold, but this time I seem okay. Made it a whole business day without headache, erratic behaviour, or excessive flakiness.

Got my laptop from work, so now I access to email all the time and all kinds of websites BI blocks. For example, I can now get directions from streetmap.co.uk, thus preventing me from getting lost on my way to new places. I can shop online, I can read blogs and websites that discuss politics and controversial subjects, and I can even choose to download music, if I were to get an ipod someday.

I'm pretty excited about being back. I am now here for the long haul, with no currently scheduled date to return home. (Spring is the best I can say right now for my next visit, inquiring minds.) Can't decide what to do next. It's a big world out there, but it's time to get started looking around.

Some of you have asked me why I haven't done more exploring. Well, what have you done since November 1st? Holiday stuff, work, getting caught up on sleep, maybe a week of flu or a cold that slowed you down...add a trip to Vancouver for 5 days and 4 weeks at home, and you'll see why my only major activities happened when visitors came. Ah, the trials of being a thirty-something professional.

It's time for a trip to Ikea. There's one in the north suburbs of London, and now that I've successfully driven the route (I was in the neighbourhood when I came from Heathrow), it's time for end tables and a coffee table. I have nothing upon which to rest my glass, which, when it contains red wine or other intensely colored liquids, is not a good thing for a klutz like me. Good thing the rug is dark.

I have ordered a digital camera. Photos to arrive soon.

Any suggestions on meeting people? I need to make friends. Last time I did this I was 27 and it was easier then. Plus, I was in Seattle and EVERYBODY needed to make friends because they'd just arrived and were all dewy with enthusiasm for their new lives.


Go to meet.cc. You may find a perfect match! Ha Ha!
Email Babeth & Heidi - I gave you their info. Also, please stop with the silly British spelling. What other nasty habits are you acquiring that we'll have to break you of later? Consider yourself warned: the minute you start talking to me in kilos, we're through!!!
Pam said…
1. Take a class. Seriously, haven't you wanted to learn how to knit or something?
2. You have uke, right? You gotta go to the uke club meetings.
anneofsa said…
Hey Mindy! I just had to make a blog site to be able to reach you! I can't find the e-mail with your phone number or the paper I transferred it to. Are you still thinking of a visit in March? We're only planning Cape Town at the most, but must book soon - if you're coming see if you can get your ticket to go through to CT first before JoJoland. I hope all is well - call or e-mail SOON!

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