Short updates on a long day

I have a to-do list a mile long. I've kind of been slacking this week, either getting tons done or doing absolutely nothing, depending upon the day. But since it's Thursday now, what would normally be an even-paced week of to-dos is now a crunch-time-get-it-done to-do day. Therefore you get a numbered list.

1. The alternating balmy to freezing days we've been having are making my hands freaky dry. And the windows in this place are these heavy double hung ones that come down from the tops as well as up from the bottom, and now that we've broken their winterseal they aren't totally closed, which means wind really whistles and cold air gets in. It's chilly in here.
2. I have an azalea plant that I seem hell bent on killing. Plants and I, we are not made for each other.
3. I am going through a phase where I hate cooking. Hate it. Think it's tedious and annoying. This is not ideal.
4. I've decided that there are benefits to wearing a plus size. For starters, they don't make us walk all over the store looking for things to try on...all our items get shoved in one corner, usually at the far end of the top floor of the store. I guess they figure we should probably be forced to work off the big lunch we've likely just had. Plus, there is generally not the overwhelming selection you see for the smaller ladies, and the really cute stuff is often still available because so many larger gals hate their bodies and are busy trying to look frumpy. And if you wear anything from a size 14 - 18, it's likely that at least half of the other women that size would rather spend twice as much money on something, anything that is from the "normal" section of the store, therefore the styles are yours for the picking.
5. I am embracing the whole "cheap is chic" thing. I have downgraded my moisturizers to drugstore brands, bought a Covergirl lipstain the other day, and as soon as the supply of Lush bath products is gone it's getting replaced with something from Walgreens. As you can tell from item 4, I have been wandering the Mile, but not spending money even though I badly need new jeans, a couple of spring tops, workout clothes and some sandals. It is a bad idea to lose weight when you don't have the resources to replace your too-big clothes.
6. I am reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I know most of you are probably thinking, "Sheesh, Mindy, that's SO 2006." Well, in 2006 I was a) in England, and b) in graduate school, therefore books about the US food chain weren't a priority. But I'm using my library privileges to get caught up on NYTimes Best Books of 2004 - 2008, and it's on the list. I thought it was a bit of a slog at first, but now I'm sucked in. I tweeted something like this yesterday, but I am fascinated by the whole River of Corn and industrial food thing. As you know, I grew up in Iowa, ground zero for the corn empire. I didn't grow up on a farm nor did my family really have any ties to farming, yet I still know quite a bit about corn growing and fertilizer and crop rotation and feedlots and agricultural policy. When the author started explaining these things, my initial reaction was, "Well, DUH," but now I realize that I have specialized knowledge that city kids simply didn't get. I also hadn't really ever thought about all the ways corn is turned into not-corn things that are taking over the world. And I REALLY hadn't considered the amount of petroleum involved in the corn industry. And I'd NEVER considered corn an anthropomorphized into a Machiavellian devil set on taking over the world, let alone freaky mutant grass. Well, I'm here to tell you. Eyes. Opened. Wide. Very interesting stuff.
7. I went to Tango Sur with my friends Will and Sarah last night. Loved it. Great food, great prices, and huge portions. I have at least two meals from my $18 steak, plus it's BYOB so it's easy to keep the tab low.
8. I'm sure it's difficult to imagine that I occasionally did not do all of the reading/coursework in my casepack during my MBA. Well, I didn't. So now I've decided to get caught up, and am doing a bit of review each day. How geeky is that.
9. Totally suckered in by American Idol. Totally.
10. I've also become quite the fan of Vanilla Silk Creamer in a cup of decaf coffee in the evening. Of course, now that TOD has got me thinking about the power of corn, I realize that I am really adding a bushel of corn and a gallon of petroleum to my coffee to make it creamy and sweet, but for now I'm turning a deaf ear to that voice screaming, "Gross out!" in my head.
11. Ask CP to blog about Jesus Land.


BeckEye said…
Totally not surprised by #9. Totally not.
Mnmom said…
I've been meaning to read that book for quite some time. I hear In Defense of Food is equally good. Yes Corn was King where we grew up, wasn't it.

I have found that the "cheap" Walgreens products are working just as well as Clinique and Estee Lauder. Really. And you just can't beat Cover Girl mascara.
I don't think I will blog about J.L. Unless you want me to tell the story. Oh, I guess that's what you were getting at. Ok, I'll blog it, but I don't want them to Google me and find me.
Ok, done.
Dale said…
I loved The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food although the second book wasn't as lively a read for me.

I'm done with this weather crap, it's making my brain freaky dry.

I will only ever thing of you as chic, I promise.
Sonja said…
Hey Frugalista. Loved TOD too. Drags a bit at the end.

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