Thai food overload

We've discovered a fabulous new thai restaurant.

We'd taken the Scots to the airport, and by the time we got home we realized that we were pretty hungry. A kashi multi-grain waffle and yogurt will only take you so far, and since it was already 330pm we figured we'd just order dinner. and eat at old-people time - we hopped on to see who was delivering. Grubhub is great, because it lists tons of restaurants you might not know deliver to you, it has every kind of cuisine imaginable and you can even order online instead of calling someone, often an advantage when ordering ethnic food because phone orders usually just result in some sort of misunderstanding and an hour later a plate of gelatinous goo with chili peppers shows up at your door. Online orders definitely simplify the whole language barrier problem.

We found King Noodle on Argyle Street. It got raves on every one of the reviews, so we thought we'd give it a try. Everything on the menu looked good so we ordered way more than we needed for lunch. It's really a lunch/dinner thing anyway, and then we can have a snack later, we reasoned. Good thinking, but this food was MARVELOUS and the next thing you know we'd pretty much snarfed it all down. I am now belly-distended-tick-about-to-pop uncomfortable.

Woe is me.


Mnmom said…
Just tell me you have peanut noodles. I love peanut noodles!!!
I doubt Grubhub would work in Northfield, but I'll log on a dream
lulu said…
Best Thai in Chicago is right by the Sheridan EL stop. SO it's totally walkable for you. It's called TAC and when you go in, ask for the Thai dinner menu, not the regular menu (don't worry, it's in English too) Or look at the blackboard for specials.

They don't deliver though, I don't think.
Melinda June said…
Tac Quick DOES deliver, and it's usually OK, though the last time we had it it was HORRIBLE. We tried this King Thai Noodle and Rice, and it is amazing. It's about as close to Thai street food we've had in the states. Truly excellent.
Little Sister said…
Okay, Mindy, sounds like I need to make a trip to your neck of the of woods...
1. Drive to your place, get the tour.
2. Head out for the shopping trip to that great Asian market you spoke of...
3. Back to your place for King Noodle.

Sounds like a perfect day, don't you think?
lulu said…
HORRIBLE? Weird. I wonder if they are under new ownership or something, because they consistently win awards for best Thai. I do know that you shouldn't order off the regular menu, that you need to order from the special one.

You are SO taking me to King Noodle this summer!
Tenacious S said…
Thanks for the heads up on King Noodle. I had the feeling that there was something wonderful to be found on Argyle.

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