Pet peeves, vol. 873

You know what I hate? I hate commercials that use the music, the graphic style or, worse, BOTH from the hit movie Juno staring that delightful ingenue Ellen Page. What is charming and clever in independent film is not when you're trying to push me to buy something. 

Comcast and the Atlantis Resort can suck it.


Scott J. said…
Hear! Hear!

The unsteady handheld camera is another style that needs to be dropped. If you like to harsh on advertising and advertisers, I recommend the blogs CopyRanter and "Where's My Jetpack"? Good stuff.
BeckEye said…
Well, Juno kind of got on my nerves so I imagine I wouldn't like these commercials either.
Dale said…
Yep, you're right to be peevish.

Also up for elimination should be animals that talk, sing or smile in commercials. Oh, and babies.
Joe said…
I hope you don't get peeved by being tagged. You've been tagged

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