The book you're looking for

If you're looking for the book mentioned here, it's Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres. It's a memoir written by a woman who was raised in a strict Calvinist family in rural Indiana and chronicles the racism directed at her adopted brothers (they are black in a sea of white rednecks,) the hypocrisy of parents who give lip service to Christian values while creating a hell at home, and her years with her youngest brother in a Christian reform "school" in the Dominican Republic. It's a brutal, compelling read.


Mnmom said…
Looks like a riveting story. Have you read The Glass Castle?
Biddie said…
This sounds like another must read to add to my list.
I loved what you wrote about the advantages to plus sized clothing.
Don'tcha just love all of the bird houses and kittens????
Melinda June said…
Birdhouses and kittens are my life, Biddie. Nothing like a quilted applique on a baggy sweatshirt or pastel poly-blend "big shirt" to make my elastic waist pull-on chinos look sexy.
Oh great, now she's going to Google herself, find you and know that I cyberstalked her parents. Thanks a lot.
Melinda June said…
You're the big mouth that told people to come here.

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