Great moments in my history

See, Pam? I can do better. You can almost see the short bus pulling up around the corner.


Joe said…
I had that same striped shirt.
Sonja said…
Little Sister said…
Are those Earth Shoes that BH is sporting? And Melinda June, you always had the best ensembles. Is that a corduroy skirt with suede piping?
michaelg said…
Those look like Birkenstock Dexters on Bob. Cool. Sensible.
You've got a smart little ensemble. The only improvement might have been a little BeDazzling on the hem.
Mnmom said…
If you look closely at the McI's house behind you, you can probably see me staring out the window. And I think I owned that skirt too.
Thymm Symmz said…
Is that the driveway or a freeway? I really want to get another Dachshund.
It's time for a new post. That look on your face in the top photo is upsetting me.

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