Great moments in my Christmas history

Thirteen years old, and my pajamas still had rubber feet.
We don't call this "The Special People Club" for nothing.


Dale said…
You're special for many reasons but this is definitely the genesis of it.
Pam said…
If I did not already know about your giant brain, I would be making all kinds of cracks about this photo.

Instead, I will just spend the rest of my afternoon snickering about it.
Little Sister said…
Oh, Melinda June, I think I had PJ's very similar to those except they were probably handy-me-downs with the feet cut off. Thrifty, thrifty, thrifty.
michaelg said…
This is a side of you I never got to see. Did you magically burst from the short bus to the head of the class in the seventh grade?
Melinda June said…
Oh, sweet Dale. You have no idea what will be coming in the months ahead.

I'm glad I can be a source of amusement, Pam. Feel free to make me your wallpaper.

Ruthie, the best thing about having a brother is likely that we had very different tastes in clothes, plus what since he was skinny and I wasn't, HE likely got any hand-me-downs.

MG, what since you've known me since kindergarten, sadly you DID know this side of me. It's just that you didn't come to the sleepovers back then.
Mnmom said…
I think MG is just jealous that HE didn't get those pjs.
I'm loving the large glasses, I had the same pair.
Kireliols said…
We did get to be children much longer then didn't we? My fourth grader is into matching bra and panty sets.
michaelg said…
Min, it must be that you were always exponentially cooler than me (at least just when the sun was up apparently)that I never noticed you might have been a little nerdy too. And frilly.
And yes, MnMom, if I had those pajamas today, I would proudly parade about the house in them, until Curt clubbed me.
Melinda June said…
oh my god. Check out their wall of fame. It's got Scott Baio, the Asperger's guy from Boston Legal, Cheryl Hines and one of the Heroes.

The thought of an adult sleeping in these things might be the most unsexy thing ever.
That is precious.

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