I applied for two jobs last weekend with a well known consulting firm, and today their UK HR team sent me a diversity survey because they profile applicants to understand who applies to their firm. It is supposedly NOT tied to me, but even if it were I don't really care so I filled it in.

It was the standard stuff. Gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation. I did, however, find the sexual orientation options a bit odd. They were:

Gay man
Gay woman/lesbian
and Other

Other? Seriously? I mean, what else is there? You'd think that they'd at least ask, "other, please specify"? (And before you all start listing post/pre-op transsexuals, that was in the Gender section, so it wasn't an orientation option.)

Between that and the demand to know my religious background if I was from Northern Ireland, I found the whole thing very odd.


michaelg said…
Other: I met a man in Tennesee (go figure) who took goats as lovers. He swears they come on to him. Nice enough guy and quite skilled at restoring old music instruments and machines. I don't think he's had a human lover in decades, or cares to for that matter. Baaaaaaaa.
lulu said…
check out the movie "Zoo".
Kireliols said…
I think it's always a good idea to be other, provide them with some mystery...although, maybe sex related other may or may not be the right kind of mystery. But then again, life is short, and they may just have put that there to see if anyone had the nerve to check that box.
Pam said…
I'd have checked them ALL. :)
Melinda June said…
Those darn goats and their come-hither stares. Though can you really take one as a lover? They seem more like one night stands.

I don't think I can handle that one, Lu. I'll take your word for it.

Perhaps I should have lived on the edge with my response. You've always been a role model, pam.
Pansexual: everything but kitchen furniture.

Whoo-Hoo! Now I want to apply too!

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