Mark your Calendars

Eurovision 2008 is only a little over two months away!

Saturday, the 24th of May will come sooner than you think. You'd better start looking for cheap fares now...any city in Europe will be showing it on TV so you can take whatever you can find, and if you come to the UK you can even attend my Eurovision 2008 party! I think they show it in Canada, too, but you won't be able to vote.

America, you have no idea what you're missing. Seriously. No. Idea.


I'm hoping that they rock a little more this year. Last year's efforts were pretty weak and disappointing. My friends in Sweden, who've had to watch this all their life, absolutely hate it. But as a Yank it is still fresh and kind of interesting.

But rock more, Europe, please.
For example, look at this crap:

That's the Swedish entry this year. From the land (or lan) of Kent, Sahara Hotnights, The Hives, and Millencolon we get Charlotte Perrelli?

Melinda June said…
Not to mention ABBA. Here in the UK, half the fun is listening to Sir Terry Wogan make snide observations throughout the evening, and then betting on who each country is going to vote for. It's a hoot.
michaelg said…
Que es Eurovision?
Melinda June said…
click the link! click the link! I promise it is MUCH better than Rick Astley. Or Youtube Eurovision. Or search eurovision on my blog and watch the ukranian drag queen!
Time to break out the spandex, glitter and hair gel! I am so jealous.
What I saw in '85, turned me off to the whole thing entirely.

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