Hi there. Remember me? I bet you thought I'd abandoned you.

Nope. Just been very busy. And a little preoccupied.

My trip to New York was outstanding. We arrived on time, though with a bit of a thrill. We were on our descent, the landing gear was deployed, we were over the runway and about to touch down, and suddenly the 777 I was on had the nose pulled up and we sharply went back up into the sky. Seems the plane in front of us didn't get down fast enough and so we weren't allowed to land behind them for fear we'd run into them. I'd never been in that situation before, but I hear it happens a lot. Second time round the landing was fine. Taxied into the city and had Mexican food and margaritas at a bar next to our hotel.

Friday it snowed. Like 8 inches. New York is always a trip when it snows. We went to Balthazar for breakfast/brunch, and then headed to Century 21 to look for deals. I got funky going out top/dress thing that has already run red all over itself so it won't be worn again, but at £12 for the top I got a few good wearings out of it. I got a killer Tahari suit for £60 for interviewing, and a snake-hips, plunging neckline black dress that, for various reasons, I've now nicknamed my pulling dress. (In the British sense of the word, not in the size-too-small one. If anything, this dress fits me a little too well for safety.) A very good shopping experience, all in all.

When we left Century 21, we were walking down the street and my friend Yvonne and I were talking about how we needed to move to NYC, if only we could find jobs. A portly Russian gentleman happened to overhear us and he gave us his card, assuring us he can help. Hmm. I wonder what line he's in?

Travelled uptown for more shopping, this time at Macy's, where I scored a few good work tops and another going out outfit. Excellent. Headed back down to the subway where I promptly slipped on the wet/snowy tile and wrenched my knee and put my back out. Yikes.

Tom came to my rescue with painkillers, and I did some funky stretching and shoved my rib back into place (something I've learned to do over the past few times it's gone out at a bad time,) and we went for cocktails, then dinner, then dancing. All very fun. Stayed out until crazy late. My friend Yvonne was christened Margine, as she bears a slight resemblance to the youngest wife on Big Love. It has now become her alter ego for when she's out on a bender. Good to have an alter ego for those times, I say.

Saturday was a blur of walking and shopping and wasting time. I had all sorts of mighty intentions to go to museums and do smartypants stuff, but when push came to shove I preferred to walk from the Village to the Park, stopping along the way as the mood hit me. My big purchase of the day was some sinfully expensive French perfume at Saks. Creed Fleurs de Boulgarie, to be specific. It's subtle and complex and floral and powdery and rich and exotic and I love it. Not something for everyday, but perfect for going out. Sophisticated and interesting and sexy, if I do say so myself. Just like me, right?

Saturday night was a bit more tame. Went to dinner, Tom and I went to wish Beckeye a happy birthday, my second live blogger meeting. She is delightful, FYI, but it was her birthday party so we didn't have a lot of time to talk. (Note to MG...you really must read her Top Model updates.) Perhaps next time I'm in NYC we'll try again. In the meantime, I can say she has excellent taste, as the bar was quirky (it specialises in cocktails and candy) and her friends were interesting and friendly.

We had to head out, though, as I had friends waiting for us at Arthur's Tavern. Live jazz, no cover...just a drink minimum per set. We joined them for a couple of cocktails and some music. My jetlag was now out of control (that and the late night on Friday, actually,) and so I slept a little, but I made it until 2 when we went home.

Sunday I spent the day in Brooklyn with my boys. Georgie picked me up and we just hung out. Tom's back was out, so he was babied and we talked smart and hung out. Georgie made a fabulous cioppino for dinner, and we were joined by two of their friends whom I adore. An excellent night. Took a manic cab to JFK at 6AM (made it in 15 minutes when it should have taken 30) and caught my flight home.

Landed to chaos at work, and it hasn't slowed down since. The job search is in full swing, and I have quite a few applications out or pending, some in the US and some in the UK. I have no spare time, really, hence the lack of posting. Though that should change in the next few weeks, I think, as I'm ready to stop this stupid schedule. My heart is not in it.

For the last week, I have been unable to move with any grace and have trouble climbing stairs. Have been doing some serious core exercise in addition to my cardio training, and as of Saturday my buttocks were so sore that I panted when I walked in an attempt to hold my breath. That has improved, luckily, so now I just seem a bit clumsy since I don't have a full range of motion. I know this is all good, and I'm down a size since Christmas, but SHEESH this sucks in the short term. I started to say it was a pain in the ass, but realised that was, in fact, not an expression in this case.

So I'm back, and will try to catch up on all of your posting and do some more of mine. Thanks for staying with me.


Kireliols said…
So glad to see you're back! I say use the perfume EVERY DAMN DAY- smell great! for once they age, all perfume smells like old ladies.
Melinda June said…
Good to BE back, Kirst. I think this will go quickly as it is. I couldn't afford the $200 bottle so the one I have is pretty small. But it's an evening scent, so perhaps I just need to find a lighter one for day use.
Unknown said…
I think we were in NYC at the same time -- it snowed on the Friday I was there, too. Wasn't it grand? I miss snow. That was my first proper snowstorm in a good three years, at least.

In theory I could drive to Australia's Alpine Region (yes, there actually is one), but I don't ski, so what would be the point?
BeckEye said…
You left the bar before it turned into a full on production of "Revenge of the Hipsters." We left when it got to be too much to take. Plus, they were out of all the good candy!

This post reminds me that I haven't been watching the new season of Top Model. CRIKEY! It's because AI was on 3 days a week and I have no VCR/DVR/TIvo'ing capabilities right now. I need to catch up with a marathon soon. I've heard rumors that new judge, Paulina Porizkova, is kind of tactless.
Dale said…
I abandoned you in your hour of need! For shame. Glad you had a great time in between near misses and accidents.

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