We were robbed

We had our MTP day yesterday, which is short for the Mid-term Plan. Everyone in the company went to Oxford for the day, where we had a company meeting that summarised last year's performance and to announce initiatives for the coming year. Things are going well, and they gave us some outstanding new employee benefits like time off for charity work and opportunities to take sabbatical to do things we love. Oh. And we get our birthdays off now.

We had a teambuilding in the afternoon, and had to get strangers to lie on the ground and form letters to spell words. We found French exchange students in the park who were more than willing to oblige, and then bonked off to the pub for a few shandies on the patio at the edge of the Thames.

That evening we had our black tie dinner and Oscars ceremony. All the films were shown, and they were all great. We didn't even get nominated. I think it was because we were too cutting edge for the likes of the masses. We're the Todd Solondz of the corporate spoof video world. Our vision cuts too close to the bone.

They're definitely NOT in the Special People Club.


And they also don't get to take the bus trip to Disney World. That will show 'em.
Pam said…
You'll be uploading it so we can see it, right?
Melinda June said…
Alas, we've been forbiddent to upload or publicise our work. But I've got a copy to show you when you get to Europe.

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