Number 38

38) When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty: XTC

QLS extraordinaire. And XTC is the music of my years living with KC/Chris/Daren on Dayton Ave, so this reminds me of them. You can’t have naked dinner parties at 40, but it’s nice to remember when you did.


Tenacious S said…
I don't know, MJ. Was the eating of the meal naked or the cooking as well? That sounds dangerous. I would scar my children for life if I ever did this or even mentioned that it happened in the past. Not that I have. Apparently, you are a wild woman.
Melinda June said…
Actually, everything was clothed except for a little strip poker late in the evening, but we call it the naked dinner party to make ourselves sound cool.
Dale said…
I'm just whipping through some posts quickly but you've got some wicked good taste Melinda June. I'm about halfway through watching Urgh! A Music War and was really happy to see XTC in there doing Respectable Street.

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