If only I lived in NYC

There's a new opera called Grendel, and it looks really exciting. It's based upon a book that retold the Beowulf story from the dragon's perspective. I loved this book when I read it back in college, and it will make a perfect opera. It's got pathos, drama, monsters...what more do you need for a compelling libretto? Plus it's staged by Julie Taymor, whose artistic vision is perfect for something mythologically complex like this.

This is going to be GREAT and I can't believe I'm missing it.


lulu said…
I totally want to see that!
Dale said…
I hate to say it but the review says it's a bit wanting, although I'm sure it's a bit of a spectacle just the same.
Melinda June said…
That review totally bums me out. I really wanted this to be good. I'm always pleased when they can manage to create a modern masterpiece in a classic form.

I'd still go see it, though.

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