Time for a quick update:
  1. My partially severed thumb has healed nicely, and though still a bit sore it looks like I just ripped the nail, rather than cleavered it.
  2. My hair is freaky long by Mindy standards. I can put it in a pony-tail. It's longer than Ace's on American Idol.
  3. My mom and dad sent me peeps for Easter, a few of which I enjoyed at home before taking them into the office. You'd think I'd brought in chocolate covered ants. Brits had no idea. Of course, they sell marshmallows year round here as candy, and they don't even make them into shapes.
  4. I've noticed that British people seem to have more kids than people in the states. I'd say three - four is common here, in all social classes. Seems odd.
  5. I treated myself to two new uke song books. One is full of Christmas carols to prepare for the holidays, and the other is called, "60's Uke-In," and I've already been working on When I'm Sixty Four and Build Me Up, Buttercup. Jam on!
  6. My new favorite phrase is, "I'm the decider, and I decide."
  7. Closely followed by, "I listen to all the voices, but mine's the final decision."
  8. Scott McClellan, we hardly new ye. If only it weren't for those pesky ongoing investigations that made you so reticent.
  9. By the way whatever happened to the policy of firing anyone in the administration involved in the CIA leaks? Since it came from Bush, does that mean he has to fire himself?
  10. The new orientation of my bed continues to offer improved sleep. I should check the Feng Shui about this, cause it would seem I like the South/North orientation. That was my best sleep on Goodrich, as well.
  11. I only have one day of school this week, so I will take the second day to study. I'll have to do laundry and pack, too, but a full day of studying will help.
  12. They actually call studying "revising" here. It freaks me out. Imagine...every time you'd say studying someone says revising instead. I get really bogged down in the fact that I'm not actually revising anything...just reviewing notes and class handouts and trying to memorize formulas. I get so preoccupied that I can't focus, so no revising OR studying happens.
  13. It has been a full week since I spilled on my shirt while eating. I think that's some sort of record.
  14. My car went in for a tune up, and they've changed the oil and the air conditioner fluid, and a tire, and the brake fluid, and all sorts of things. Plus they vacuumed up biscuit crumbs in the front seat from my recent roadtrip and reattached the floor vent that had come loose. It will be like having a brand new car.
  15. Remember how I said I'm going to Africa on Sunday. Here's where I'll be for the first few days, and then for the next few.
  16. By the way, the first link works better on IE...firefox does something goofy.


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