Saturday Night

Since I don't do much anymore except study and work, I've found my blogs are turning into daily/weekly/semi-monthly updates rather than actual posts about subjects. Sorry. I promise to be more interesting after exams. In fact, by next weekend I'll have my travels to write about, so maybe you'll get one entry that's not a day of the week soon!

But for today, it's just a bit of an update on things.

Had school yesterday. It was review stuff, plus some info on the next few terms. I've been keeping a tally, and it is least once in every weekend of classes, someone says something really negative about George Bush to substantiate the worst-case scenario of something we're discussing. Sometimes it's the lecturer, sometimes it's a student contribution. It is never me, although you can imagine that I usually want to second the statement. I don't. Mostly because I don't think a public forum like this is the place to do it. If someone asks about my politics or my opinions, then fine. But in these situations I don't think it's relevant. This week's comment was regarding self-presentation. One of our lectures was about how to effectively present yourself....body language, how you enter a room, nervous ticks, etc....and the GB remark was to site pretty much a bad way to do all of it. It started with reference to him grabbing the Thai president when he was walking out of a photo and Bush wanted another one (it's culturally inappropriate to grab a thai person like that.) It escalated to general remarks about his presence in it helped him with average Americans, but has really hurt him abroad. Policy remarks followed, but then we got back on topic. I thought it was interesting, actually, that his good-ole-boy crap can make him non-threatening as a campaigner, but the save thing makes him look like a redneck rube when he's abroad. It's not that I didn't KNOW that, (and his policies don't help,) but it got me thinking, you know?

Have been sifting through my clothes trying to figure out what to take along. I know I don't need four pairs of shoes, and I know I don't need black things, and I know that it will be beastly hot. And I'm better off than I was with Oman, as I have my summer clothes from the states here now so I have things to choose from. But I am a compulsive overpacker and I can't seem to narrow things down. Crap. Plus since it's hot, I want to have something clean for evenings, as well. I also have to iron a lot tonight before bed. Pleh.

I'm taking malaria pills. I have the kind you only have to take two days before you leave, and then for an additional week when you return. They've been making me feel a little woozie. But I guess it's better than malaria. The ones I'm taking are also supposed to give me freaky dreams, according to the woman on my learning team who works for the manufacturer. Since I don't remember my dreams, I'm wondering what that means...will I have freaky dreams and just not know it, or will I actually remember them this time?

I need to go to the dentist, as its time for a cleaning/checkup. I'm in England. You can imagine my skepticism.

I'm watching Bull Durham. Susan Sarandon was 42 when she made this movie. This is reassuring, as she looks fabulous. Odd to think I'm now almost that age.

One of the things I find fascinating about movies from the 80's and early 90's are the incredibly high waists on the pants. (If your waistband is that high, FYI you are not fashionable anymore. Not that it matters, just saying.) I just tried on two pairs of shorts that have that waistband. Thinking they may be retired this season.

I got one of the hotels wrong. When I'm in Botswana I'm actually staying here.

Discovered a varicose vein today on the back of my left leg. Really pissed about it, too. It's ridiculously big, and I've never had one before. Not sure when it got there. Grrr. I guess I can live with ageing signs, but must I also have teenage acne? Life is not fair.

Losing battery life. Must sign off. More next weekend when I return.


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