Ginger People

I have a new obsession. I have discovered a new racism.

Brits hate redheads.

They call them Ginger people. Sometimes, they pronounce it with soft "gih" G sounds like it rhymes with finger (if you slur the G a bit). Which, by the way, rhymes with "minger," a slang term for a really unattractive loser.

They make jokes about having ginger kids like it's some sort of birth defect.

Mind you, as with most things the Brits ridicule, they won't hold being ginger against you. They talk about all sorts of physical traits that are, in theory, less than perfect, but if you exhibit one of them they still like you and it's all just good natured ribbing. You've seen their teeth.

I am now collecting pictures of ginger people. I'm not sure why. It just seems like a good idea. They always smile for the camera, and personally I like red-heads just fine.

By the way, Brits also insist that anyone under 5 feet tall is a dwarf, which is funny from a nation of 5'3" men.


Melinda June said…
Tom and I have discussed this, and the accurate pronunciation is to rhyme it with "zinger", as in Gihng-er

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