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Ben and I were discussing our shared fascination for the miracles of shipping. And he mentioned that there are hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS of shipping crates that fall off liners on their way across the oceans, falling to the bottom of the sea. I'm thinking WOW! Imagine what's in there! Jewels! Precious paintings! Plutonium! 1986 Hondas!

I'm thinking we write a script that has sea pirates raiding these containers, perhaps lead by Vin Diesel. And then some sassy young woman (maybe Scarlet Johannson in an offshoot to action adventure, or perhaps Jennifer Garner in an attempt to jump-start her sagging one-note career) shows up. She knows the TRUE SECRETS of the EVIL CO. and will convince the pirates to help her prove their menace to society by unearthing the stolen plutonium lost at sea. They can fight off man-eating Humboldt squid, maybe some Arab terrorists who want the plutonium for a bomb, and of course EVIL CO's dastardly minions who will stop at nothing to save face. We'll have the obligatory sexual tension between Vin and Scarlett/Jen (as well as everyone in the theater, for that matter,) and then it will all end in success and vindication as EVIL CO. is sent packing for their sins. (Unlike real life, where Martha Stewart does the time instead.)

I'm thinking this has real possibilities. Heck, I'd go see it on a 90 degree day. Ben is skeptical. He doesn't understand what people of 2050 will need with 1986 Hondas.

Hello??? Surely Cuba will be ready for new models by then?


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