Monday, December 03, 2007

Soup Swap

Hi all.

National Soup Swap is coming up....January 23rd is the official day! The organiser is a former housemate of mine and obviously a genius. (They've even made national press!) Get some friends together, start sifting through your cookbooks and get the soup a cookin', baby! It's a brilliant idea. Perhaps some of you blogger folks can even use this for more meetups! Here's a quick summary of how it works:

1) You and 6 - 14 other chefs decide to swap soup.
2) Everyone makes six quarts of soup and packages it in freezable disposable containers. Freezing it in advance is preferred.
3) On Swap night, you assemble at the host's home....nibbles, maybe a glass of wine, your call...but the event is about soup. Soups are placed on display for all soupers to survey.
4) Each souper draws a lot.
5) The crowd listens with baited breath as the other soupers tell the stories of their soups, giving others a chance to strategise.
6) Starting with lot 1 and proceeding in rotations, each souper then selects one quart of soup until all have six new kinds of soup to take home.
7) You leave with six quarts of deliciousness (or not, depending upon the culinary skills of the soupers,) ready to warm you on a cold winter's night.

Full rules and suggestions for happy swapping can be found at the various links on this post. UK readers....the MK swap is on 3 February, as I have plans on the weekends surrounding the official day, plus our holidays are always a few weeks off of US ones anyway. If you'd like to attend, drop me a line.

Get swapping, kids! (And Lu, it's not cheating if you have your chefs make soups for you.)


madame_leiderhosen said...

I was with you until we got to the part about #5: Tell the Story of Our Soup. I have been sworn to secrecy by way of threats from the ham bone and the pink lentils. (It's torrid; don't ask.)

Dang, this sounds like great food-geekery fun.

Pam said...

I can not WAIT to see the pictures.

lulu said...


Soup is actually one of the things I really like to make, so I'll probably make it myself if I host a party, (but I'll let her clean up after me).

Mnmom said...

MichaelG - we're going to have to do this!