Sunday, December 09, 2007

Great moments in christmas memories

It had an elevator. Or lift, as we call them in Britain. Of course I was ecstatic.
In fact wide-eyed with enthusiasm, as you will see if you enlarge the photo.

This one's for my brother. Poor guy has been plagued his whole life by a geek freak sister, bless him. But at least I'm funny. And have exceptionally good taste in clothes.


kirelimel said...

YOU had the Barbie townhouse!!!!! I am SOOOOOO jealous! And look at your smug little know every little girl wants what you just got. damn.

Karen said...

Since this picture was posted, I have visited whenever I needed a little lift - just to click on the image to enlarge it in order to see those delerious eyes. Totally cheers me up. I've seen that look MANY times!!

ShelbyB said...

OMG! I had the very same Town House MJ! Even down to the funky lift!! (the string always broke, but I didnt care!) Ahhh memories!