Blame it on The Jungle Book

I'd never actually figured it out before, but the other day it clicked when I was listening to the Talking Heads. I really like music that has a funky, interesting bass.

I thought it was just that I like bass players, but actually it is the music they play that makes me happy. It is the common thread amid my varied music collection...the reason rockabilly/bluegrass and seventies funk make a two-headed lovechild in my schizophrenic iPod, the reason Walk This Way is one of my favourite songs and that I think Lovely Day is the best Bill Withers song. The reason we can forgive Paul McCartney for Ebony and Ivory. Why I have three versions of I Wanna Be Just Like You in my music collection.

Tina Weymouth...the way, the truth, the light. Bill Wyman, now I know why I think the Stones broke up in 1993. Mark Rubin, you can ride a standup like nobody even if you are a sexy tattooed chunk of a man. Flea, I'll even put up with Anthony Kiedis for you.

I need to develop a playlist of the best basslines ever. Help me out.


Cup said…
Flea is one of the best funk bassists playing today. I think RHCP should stop with that boring ballad crap and just be an Ohio Players cover band.

Nirvana's rhythm section with Krist on bass and the adorable Grohl on drums kicked a**.

I wish I could play bass.
One of the best basslines ever is featured in the Night Court theme song.
Joe said…
Goon Squad by Elvis Costello
(really, half the songs on Armed Forces and Get Happy by E.C. have really prominent bass lines)

Warning Sign by Talking Heads

Those pop into my head because I've heard them both within the last day or two.
These Norsk lads have the bass thing down. They put the Talking Heads (who I have consistently hated) to shame. And the video is in a kebab shop!
Joe said…
Btw, my eldest is a bass player: a 5'11, dark haired, athletic blue-eyed chick bass player. She's cool

My word verification was "zhubs"

Rhyming word verification--I love it!
"On Broadway" by George Benson
"All The Way Live" by Lakeside
"You And I" by Rick James

"Reach For It" by George Duke, featuring the hottest bass solo ever by Stanley Clarke
"Cannonball" by The Breeders
"All Right Now" by Free

"Bust A Move" by Young M.C. Featuring Flea shredding the fretboard.
BTW, anything by Les Claypool.

"Freak On A Leash" and virtually any song by Korn.
Pam said…
Brick House. Duh.
Dale said…
My Spine is the Bassline.
Splotchy said…
Spinners - "The Rubberband Man" (simple bass, yet oh so funky).
Grandmaster Flash - "White Lines" (Great bass line, and they introduce the bass part by saying "Bass!")
Beatles - "Rain" and "Dear Prudence"
Imagination - "Just an Illusion" -- awesome bass line that I have to actually sing with.
Beck - "Devil's Haircut" -- the song is all in the bass.
The Police - "Deathwish"
Kireliols said…
"Redemption Song"- Bob Marley

"Head over Heels" -Go-go's

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