Friday, June 29, 2007

Plate o' shrimp, vol. 5

I was just skypeing with my friend Brad who works at a company called HB Fuller that make glue, but which I persist in referring to as the Fuller Brush Company because I'm like that.

Immediately after I hung up, my iPod shuffled to a James McMurtry song called "The Fuller Brush Man."

This plate is compounded by the fact that I discovered James McMurtry's music about twenty years ago through Brad's recommendation.

Damned cosmic unconsciousness. Cubed.


Bramley Apple Pies! said...

And the while I was listening to Josh Rouse. Who is fantastic and under-reported. So you should listen to him, whomoever you are.

Yours in glue,


Dale said...

That plate of yours is definitely held together with good glue! If I could just stop the huffing.