Sunday, May 06, 2007

Self Tanning Success

It is one week into my self-tanning experiment, and I will say that it is a relative success.

I am using a lotion option, which is a more gradual process and is supposedly a bit less noticeable. I selected the Dove Fair Skin Summer Glow option, and my legs now look vaguely tanned but not orange or unattractive. There are no streaks or buildups, either, though I have taken a damp cotton pad and used it to even out any excess each day so that may be a result of technique, not product.

I am also careful to use my body puff on my legs to ensure proper exfoliation, thanks to Kirstin's bit of advice...all of which is conspiring to make it look like I spent my weekend in Spain or someplace.

So far, so good.


Bubs said...

OK, we need to see a picture of a well-tanned gam.

Melinda June said...

There is a digital camera enroute, so I will provide one shortly.