Questionable choices in fashion

There are two sorts of trousers taking UK men by storm. Neither is a particularly good decision.

1) Men's Cropped Pants - If you're out hiking for the day, MAYBE I'll give you a break and say they are a good compromise between full trousers and shorts. But if you're just out doing the shopping or you're picking someone up at the airport or you are going to lunch at a nice pub, these are STUPID looking on men. They make your calves look fat. Especially with trainers.

2) French tab waistbands - Although they were made famous in menswear by the fine folks at Sansabelt, the French Tab waistband should be limited to women, polyester coaches' shorts, and men who've retired. You will ALWAYS look like you take fashion advice from Paulie Walnuts, regardless of how much you paid your tailor, Plus, frankly, only skinny guys can pull it off without looking like they have child-bearing hips. Add some belt loops, mate.

3) I know I said I had TWO things, but I thought of a third, non-trouserly fashion problem. Men here don't wear undershirts. They wear dress shirts, often expensive ones with french cuffs and funky cufflinks, but they don't wear an undershirt. I may have mentioned this before, but it bears mentioning again because it's still bugging me. If you are going to pitch for a £1M piece of business, put on a dang t-shirt. No one wants to see your nipples and matted chesthair through your shirt.


lulu said…
You don't like Man Capris? I think they are sort of hot on the right (read gay) man. Or the baggy ones on rasta bike messenger guys.
Sorry Lu, I'm with Min on this one. Man Capris are just one step better than that thing about 15 years ago when men were wearing shorts with jackets & ties. You have to admit that was pretty stupid.

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