Twenty Questions

I had dinner at my friend Anne's tonight. Anne, my friend Soni, Anne's housemate Gillian, and I drank wine, talked smart, and ate great chili. (Thanks, Anne.)

Soni brought a little electronic game called 20 questions. It's vaguely magic 8-ball shaped, but instead of shaking it for wisdom you play the kid's game 20 Questions with it and it guesses your answer. Sounds pretty gimmicky, right? No way it could guess correctly, right? Wrong. It's like this thing is a mindreader.

Things it has guessed correctly so far: door. sushi. curtains. cat. leopard. dacshund. boxer. (like the dog...yes it can differentiate between small breeds.)

It's not perfect. For tight pants, it came up with rubber ball and basket (which is insightful, if you stop to think about it.) Tight pants lead to cameltoe (as they usually do), and it got close...with belly button. (Sorry Mom. I know you don't approve of talk like that, but a few glasses of wine and the girls get bawdy. Forgive me.)

The all-powerful 20 Questions can be existential, too. It didn't get fire, but it guessed music and light. When we were thinking fear, it came up with love. Hmmm. Perhaps the magic orb is telling us something. Anyway, this little instrument is sure to be a party sensation for years to come. I highly recommend it should you find it at a game store near you.


VaughnV said…

One of my new favorite words!

We'll, of course, forego mentioning, "moist." LOL!

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