Thursday, March 01, 2007

Articulated Lorries and Airplane Farts

I had a great time in Marrakech (and will blog about it over the weekend once I'm done with classes on Saturday,) but right now I'd like to download two frustrations that began and ended my trip.

1) I hate going to the airport early and coming back late. On Tuesday I had to leave the house by 5AM, and tonight I left Heathrow at 11PM. Both directions, it was just me and two hundred Polish articulated lorries. Talk about driving hell.
2) The worst part about flying is definitely the smell of airplane farts. I think it's the food they serve on planes combined with the air pressure. Since I first started flying I've noticed that a) people on airplanes are always gassy, and b) they create a stench that smells vaguely of day old Kentucky Fried Chicken. Think about that two hours after the meal on your next flight.

To bed now. More soon.


Bramley Apple Pies! said...

As a frequent traveler and mileage runner I learned a little phrase that some NWA flight attendants use. When they have to let fly, they will find a reason to walk down the aisle and "crop dust" the passengers.

True story.

Coaster Punchman said...

Eew. Thanks for that visual. And nasal. Or whatever you call it.

Reminds me to blog of my airplane lunchbox story.

Bubs said...

Remember when people actually dressed up to fly on airplanes? And if they did break wind, there was too much cigarette smoke re-circulating throughout the cabin to notice it?