Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Night

I have had a relaxing weekend in. I did yoga, I went on walks, I cooked, I watched movies, I read a lot. Finished up two books that have been partially-read for a few weeks, and am now focusing on Harry Potter.

Opened a bank account yesterday, which is interesting as a foreigner. There is much fear that I might be laundering money, so there were lots of hoops for jumping through. Now that's done, and I have to build credit. Spent much of the weekend putting bills on auto-pay so I don't have to think about them. Had a lesson in writing checks last weekend, so that's good. (I'm not a moron, it's just that the checks look a lot different here...there's an extra line that's not intuitive when you're used to a different format.)

I worry that I killed a duck. About a week and a half ago, I was in a hurry and ducks were crossing in front of the house so I had to wait. I thought they'd all passed before I drove, but now there are signs by kids saying, "Kill your speed, not a duck," and they appeared the morning after, so I fear I may have gotten one under the wheel. I hope not.

Went for a leaving do for a colleague at a place called Bistro Live. They cater to hen parties and large groups who aren't large enough for a private hall. They feed you just-okay food and then they play music for dancing. I danced with reckless abandon (as I usually do,) and now my colleagues think I'm wild. I've explained that it's really just a good sense of rhythm and a bit of hyperactivity, but they're not buying it.

Should be an easy week, and then next Sunday I am spending the day with my friend Anne and her daughter Siri as they fly through to Johannesburg.

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