Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Su Doku

It's nearly impossible for me to do crosswords here. At home I can do them in pen, I usually make it until Wednesday before the NYTimes puzzle starts to get hard, and I have successfully completed several NYT Sunday puzzles (no Saturdays to date, but I keep trying.) Here, I don't get the clever puns and I don't spell well yet (all those extra u's and s's in place of z's trip me up.) So my puzzling outlets are down to what I can find on the internet.

Until now.

The Sunday Times does a puzzle thing called Su Doku. It's a number grid of 9 boxes of 9 spaces. They put in various numbers, and you fill in the rest. You need 1 - 9 in each box, and in each row and column of 3 boxes. It's addictive puzzling fun, and I highly recommend it to all.

I stayed up until 2 am on Sunday trying to finish a screechingly difficult puzzle this week. I have burned my dinner trying to get one right. I'm a wagerer who does a lot of, "If you do this, this and this, then you get THAT" to motivate myself, Su Doku has become a regular reward. Poor Howard hasn't been touched in a week, so obsessive is my love for Su Doku. (Howard is the uke, kids...don't get pervy.)

Think you're up to the challenge? This week's puzzles are available at the link above. I recommend you work from easy to difficult, because you'll feel humiliated and demoralized quickly if you don't. And don't get cocky and use a pen. It's deceptively simple, and the next thing you know you've got two 5's in a row and you're rubbing out and starting over.

Good luck.

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