Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Better than Heloise

My friend Timmy sent me a most helpful link.

I don't get the overheated cookware tip, but the ceiling fan seems self explanatory.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crufts Dog Show

The English seem to take their dog shows very seriously.

I'm home on a Thursday night, and although I should probably be doing schoolwork I'd rather watch TV and surf the internet. So I've flipped on the TV, and on BBC 2 there is a full hour of Crufts Dog Show coverage. This is prime time viewing on a major television channel...not Discovery or Animal's on one of the five channels received in all UK homes (assuming you have a tv license.)

The host, Ben Fogle, is a hottie. He's probably early thirties, blond, personable, and very gay without being camp. They are reviewing the rules, the differences in breeds, celebrity dogs who are entered in this show, (yes, celebrity dogs), and they're giving highlights of the action yet to come. They have soft-focus videos of mumbly children with emotional problems talking about the dogs that saved their lives (and they keep playing Dido's Thank You in the background, making it especially sappy.) There's a story about one of those dogs that walk 600 miles to find their owner when lost in the woods. and there's a story about a little toy furry thing that is a hearing dog for deaf people. And the rampant use of the term "bitch" is mildly amusing, as well. "The bitches compete against one another..." "The bitches go up against the dogs..." "She's a magnificent bitch..." I know. I should be mature enough not to find this funny. <Snicker>

How do I make my shares go up?

My friend Lauren (see "Land o' Lulu link on the side) was googling herself, and she came upon something creepy and fascinating and kind of flattering. She's being traded on a Blog Market. How odd. So she blogged about it. Of course, I read her blog and linked to the site and as I was reviewing her stock page I saw that I am being traded, as well. Even odder. So now I want to do I make my stock go up?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nutter on the train

I was in London last night for a work thing. We had dinner at a really hip Chinese restaurant in Soho called Hakkasan. It was a social evening and we were barely in time for an 1123 train, which is the last one of the night that doesn't stop 300 times on its way to MK. What luck, we thought.

My colleague, Kat, and I got settled and were killing time in conversation when I looked up and saw a portly gent, a bit ruddy of face, coming our way. On first glimpse he looked a bit preoccupied. He was wearing a sweatshirt, too baggy trousers, orthopedic shoes, and a wool trench.

He sat in one seat but something about it bugged him so he ended up sitting across the aisle from us. He was muttering a bit, and then I noticed him gently slapping his forehead. Hmmm, I thought. Methinks we have a nutter on the train.

Boy howdy, was I right. You know I couldn't continue my conversation without an eye on the is what I observed. In the 35 minutes between first seating and his disembarking the train he scared off two Japanese guys who were trying to have a conversation and a drunken YOB who was eating his Burger King (perhaps the most common sight on the night trains from London, FYI.) He had a pamphlet crushed in his sweaty fist, and he would periodically rustle the papers like they were whispering some coded message, then he would shout, "AH!" and make this whistley-puffing sound with a sharp outtake of breath. What I'd thought was merely "ruddy" was actually some sort of colossal rash...imagine a case of full-body eczema, or perhaps the worst case of poison ivy you could ever see. It's possible the itching was driving him to distraction. He was constantly scratching something....sometimes in an absent-minded, almost pensive way, at others in ferocious bursts of skin-breaking attacks. He would roll his trouser leg up, exposing his stocky, inflamed calf and would almost growl as he dug his nails into the pink puffy boils. Twice he yelled, "Pip Pip!" for no apparent reason. (Frankly, any yelling of "pip pip" seems unnecessary, but perhaps that's just me.)

Kat and I were on the brink of hysterics the entire ride home. When he finally got off in Leighton Buzzard the rest of the train heaved a collective sigh of relief. One guy even shouted a pip pip in his honour.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I'm knocking on wood as I say it, but I think the creepy freaks are gone. I haven't seen them in a week.

Thank God for migration. Let them terrorize someone else for awhile.

If only parrots spent the summer up north, too.

Little to blog about

There is so little to blog about lately. I work. I study. I sleep. That's my life.

I had to take the day off. I have not left the couch for more than books, beverages, and the occasional snack. I'm exhausted. Have caught up on my favourite tv shows, played the ukulele, done a bit of work on a paper, and napped.

I miss Sunday afternoon movies. It was almost a guarantee that you could find something to watch on cable on a Sunday. Some classic movie like When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail...movies you don't necessarily want to schedule time to watch but that are great ways to kill an afternoon of laziness. They don't play those here. They play mysteries. If I wanted to watch some quirky comedy/drama with an oddball sleuth using unconventional means to find the real killer, I'd be set. Unfortunately I don't like these sorts of shows. I want some sappy, light-hearted romantic comedy.

I've been getting caught up on the news back home. I do not understand how the level of corruption and deception in our current government is not getting someone in serious trouble. I don't understand how 34% of the country can still be approving of this administration. What is there to like?

It's a busy week next week. I have dinner at a hip Chinese place in London on Monday. I've got three major projects due before the end of the month at school, so I have a lot of work to do. I'm also spending the day at Heathrow on Friday for my Ops Management class...we're figuring out how to improve the takeoff schedule of a consistently late BA flight to Miami. If I'm lucky I get to watch them load the luggage from the tarmac! Much like my fascination with shipping, plane cargo is a secret obsession, as well, and watching them load a 747 is living the dream, baby. If I get to wear the big earmuffs I'll get a picture.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

We Judge the Idols

I have added a link to the is for Tom, George, and I to make regular commentary on American Idol. Tom and George will always be first...I have a three day delay in viewing the show and can't actually vote, but I don't want no slouches representing America as our Idol. We already have too many slouches carrying our banner.

If you're an Idol-watcher and want to join in, email me and prove to me you take this seriously.